Pan Star Rubber STR5CV-50/60
Brand : Pan star
Model : STR5CV-50/60
Pan Star STR5CV-50 and STR5CV-60 are perfectly stabilized rubber.
Last Update : 11:01:04 14/02/2011
Pan Star Rubber STR-5L
Brand : Pan Star
Model : STR-5L
Pan Stars STR-5L is produced from rubber latex
Last Update : 10:59:54 14/02/2011
Pan Star Rubber ADS-XL
Brand : Pan Star
Model : ADS-XL
Produced from rubber latex, our ADS-XL (Air Dry Sheet) can serve various industrial purposes.
Last Update : 10:58:20 14/02/2011

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Company Profile :
Pan Star Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 as a manufacturer and exporter of natural rubber in Thailand. The company specializes in producing many kinds and grades of natural rubber both in sheet and block forms such as ADS-XL, STR-5L, STR5CV-50 and STR5CV-60. Pan Stars products are exported to the worldwide market, with the bulk of output sold to the Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, North America and Latin America.

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